Catherine Asaro
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Diamond Star

Executives from Prime Nova Media are thrilled to discover Del Arden, an unknown musician from a rustic backwater planet who combines musical talent with a sultry sensuality that makes him popular with fans across the spectrum.
What they don’t realize is that his “backwater” world happens to be home of the ruling Skolian dynasty – that Del is heir to one of the most powerful political empires in the galaxy.
  Not that he cares. All he has ever wanted to do with his life is to make music.
Now, just when Prime Nova offers him a chance to realize that dream, it’s about to be destroyed. His family wants him to stop, governments want to control him, the music industry wants to exploit him, his fans want to own him and his enemies want to kill him -- or worse.  For the Skolians are not the only empire interested in Earth’s music scene. Powerful Aristos from the massive Trader empire would love to cash in on Del’s talent. Prime Nova executives are uneasy dealing with the slave society of the Traders, but they can’t believe all the allegations the Skolians have made. Surely the Traders couldn’t get away with systematic torture and brutality on the scale alleged by the Skolians.
If the Traders discover Del’s identity, they could turn his life into a nightmare. He doesn’t care. It’s a risk he’s willing to take for the chance to keep making music.
Need drives him to the brink of destruction: the need to prove himself to his family, friends, and critics -- coupled with the most dangerous need of all -- the desire for revenge against the Traders who have systematically devastated his family.
From Baen Books, May 2009
“With this latest entry in [her] ‘Tales of the Ruby Dynasty’ series, Nebula Award winner Asaro ventures into new territory while still showcasing [her] ability to combine sensual prose with vivid action and bold characterization.” – Library Journal
“In a world where entertainment marketing takes precedence over talent and quality, and where virtual reality is the ultimate addictive drug, the contemporary reader will, like it or not, feel right at home.”  (Four stars) Rhomylly Forbes, Romantic Times
“a soulful tale about fame, relationships, and the power of music. . .I highly enjoyed Diamond Star.” 
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