Catherine Asaro
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"A Roll of the Dice"

A novella originally published in Analog Magazine.
**Nebula Award Finalist, Hugo Award Nominee, HOMer Award Winner, Analog Reader's Choice Award Winner, Nebula Award(R) Preliminary Ballot Nominee
Harvard anthropology student Jeremiah Coltman has been doing field work for his thesis project on the planet Coba for three years. Coltman's immersion into the colony world's female-dominated culture has progressed far beyond his expectations, guided principally by his exceptional skill at Quis, a dice game played by a privileged but socially reclusive group of men known as the Calanyi. When word of Coltman's Quis prowess spreads to the high levels of the government, he is kidnapped and forced to marry against his will into the Calanyi ... a luxurious captivity for which there is no escape.