Catherine Asaro
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The Fire Opal

Deep in the Taka Mal desert, priestess Ginger-Sun carries the power of the shape mages. Whispers abound: is she descended from the beloved Sunset Goddess? Or are her nighttime rituals filled with evil? Ginger herself is uncertain, until an exotic stranger is left for dead at her feet.
Then her magic begins to burn.
By choosing to help the stranger, Ginger entwines herself in events beyond her control. Or so she believes. When pushed to the brink, she learns that her magic can summon unfathomable powers. But unless Ginger masters her dark powers, violence will reign in Taka Mal… and in her soul.
from Luna Books, July 2007
"Once again, Asaro skillfully blends romance with a solid fantasy scenario." 
--Publishers Weekly
"Fans of the Aronsdale books and new readers alike will not be disappointed with Asaro's latest. Even with no prior knowledge of the series, this is one heck of a page- turner! Ginger is tough yet innocent, and the reader can't help but root for her to succeed. The writing is crisp, the plot and action are compelling and the sweet ending will completely satisfy everyone. This is an excellent read!"
--Romantic Times