Catherine Asaro
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The Dawn Star

High in the Misted Cliffs lives a magic unlike any other.
With no teacher to guide her, no mentor to discourage her from the impossible, Mel Dawnfield pushed her magic to its limits—and surpassed them. Only to find that her powers aren't enough to halt burgeoning rebellion within her husband's fledgling realm—or a plot devised to strike at the very heart of Mel’s family.
The lines have been drawn.
Mel’s mage strength has become greater than any power ever known, but dare she forge her spells into weapons to protect her people, her husband? For her magic might transform the brutality of war into the birth pangs of a peaceful empire...unless it proves the death blow to her world.
Luna Books
ISBN: 0-373-80238-2
July 2006
"Nebula award winner Catherine Asaro writes a spellbinding romantic fantasy as well as she does hard science fiction. Fans of her Skollan empire series will find THE DAWN STAR a softer, more people driven tale with characters well suited for this sword and sorcery tale. Although there are plenty of action scenes, the plot is more about political chicanery and the political intrigue scenes are fascinating. "
--Harriet Klausner,
"In classic Asaro fashion, armies, plots, magic, twists, turns, secrets and characters must grow in spirit to meet these various challenges."
--Bunny Callahan, Romantic TImes