Catherine Asaro
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The Misted Cliffs

One generation after war had nearly destroyed three nations, evil was returning. And only Mel Dawnfield’s daring sacrifice could stop it.
The promise of peace rested on this young woman’s noble vow: to marry Cobalt the Dark—heir to a family of legendary cruelty. With only her uncontrolled spells to guide her, isolated in Cobalt’s solitary home in the Misted Cliffs, knowing poisoned blood ran through her husband’s veins, Mel struggled to embrace her unexplored mage powers and unveil the light in her shadowy new world—including the radiance hidden in her husband’s soul. For her enemies were gathering strength and they would soon unleash the darkest of evils in the name of war.
In the final battle, Mel’s ability to harness her magic would mean the difference between a harmonious world...and annihilation.
Finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA® Award
"A magical story with complex characters and a love that can heal wounds, THE MISTED CLIFFS by Catherine Asaro is a rare gem from an author who always delivers." 
— Courtney Michelle, Romance Reviews Today
"The Misted Cliffs is Ms. Asaro at her writing best. A tried and true formula of a haunted hero and a warm-hearted heroine, combined with the magic of a kingdom you'll want to visit again and again, make this book a true winner."
— Romance Junkies
"[L]overs of fantasy will find The Misted Cliffs a charming tale that defies the usual stereotypes." 
— Fresh Fiction