Catherine Asaro
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“Moonglow” (in Charmed Destinies)

In the land of Aronsdale, magic focused through shapes and colors, light and healing can transform people’s lives, even heal their emotions. Most of the mages are women, some of whom are extremely powerful. But the king will have magical powers above all others — and he must marry the most powerful female mage.
Over fifteen years ago, the late king’s son, daughter-in-law and grandson were killed by bandits, and now the king’s nephew, Muller, is scheduled to take the throne. But Iris, the second-most powerful mage in the country, has begun to focus her abilities and discovers that Jarid, the missing prince, is alive. She leads the searchers to him and they discover that the prince seems to be blind, deaf and dumb. Unbeknownst to them, he is also beset with guilt — guilt that he took another’s life — and that his mother gave up her life for him... That and a shattering spell imposed upon him when he was six years old are what traps him in a silent world of darkness...
Despite Jarid’s ailments, he is chosen to be king, and Iris is discovered to be his equal in power. On their wedding night, she makes a breakthrough in her own abilities and helps Jarid break the spell he was under, coming into his full powers and regaining his senses.