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Diamond Star

Starflight Music is an independent music label in Columbia, Maryland. Established in 2008, Starflight released its first CD, Diamond Star, in April of 2009. Diamond Star is a collaboration between the band Point Valid and Nebula Award® winning author Catherine Asaro. This pioneering venture provides a soundtrack for Asaro's 24th novel, also titled Diamond Star (Baen Books, May 2009).

The Baltimore-based alternative rock band Point Valid features a lineup of talented musicians including Hayim Ani on vocals and guitar, Adam Leve on drums and Max Vidaver on guitar. While the band wrote most of the music for the CD and Catherine wrote most of the lyrics, the project is a true collaborative effort and during the recording process all the artists merged their efforts to create the final product. In addition to music composed for the Diamond Star story, the CD also includes three original tracks written by Hayim and a cover version of the Simon and Garfunkel's classic “Sound of Silence."