Catherine Asaro
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The Phoenix Code

Deadly awakening...
When robotics expert Megan O'Flannery is offered the chance to direct MindSim's cutting-edge program to develop a self-aware android, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. But the project is trouble plagued—the third prototype "killed" itself, and the RS-4 is unstable. Megan will descend into MindSim's underground research lab in the Nevada desert, where she will be the sole human in contact with the RS-4, dubbed Aris. Programmed as part of a top-secret defense project, the awakening Aris quickly proves to be deviously resourceful and basically uncontrollable. When Megan enlists the help of Raj Sundaram, the quirky, internationally renowned robotics genius, the android develops a jealous hostility toward Raj—and a fixation on Megan. But soon she comes to realize that Raj may be an even greater danger—and that her life may depend on the choice she makes between the man she wants to trust and the android she created.
from Bantam Books
ISBN: 0553762710
ISBN-13: 9780553762716
“Catherine Asaro continues to dazzle us with brilliance in combining science, romance and adventure, while she raises issues about the morality of creating artificial intelligence and who decides what is ethical for whom." 
—Romantic Times Magazine
“Top Pick” review
“Another stunning sci-fi tale that will hold you spellbound. Ms. Asaro is a master of her craft . . . her characters are three-dimensional, intelligent, interesting and her plots are simply fantastic. [She] is a writer that makes you want to go out and buy every book she’s ever written. By deftly blending romance with sci-fi she has attracted a whole new readership. Ms. Asaro is at the top of my list of authors’ books to watch for." 
— Reader to Reader
“One of the pioneers of science fiction romance, Catherine Asaro creates another exciting sensual tale that will elate sub-genre fans. Cleverly, the author provides no solutions to complex ethical questions that leave readers with lingering thoughts about right and wrong. The romance is hot, but this novel is clearly science fiction first with a dynamic climax that will stun the unsuspecting audience who will fail to break THE PHOENIX CODE before Ms. Asaro reveals the ending of this keeper." 
— Painted Rock Reviews