Catherine Asaro
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Scientific Papers: Journals

- More on special relativity and complex speeds, NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop, August 1997

- Complex speeds and special relativity," Catherine Asaro, Am. Jour. Phys. April 1996

- "Polarization Control of Branching Ratios in Photodissociation"; Catherine Asaro, Paul Brumer, and Moshe Shapiro, Phys. Rev. Let. 60, 1634 (1988)

- "Bound Vibrational Levels of the Two Lowest Singlet Sigma States of LiF"; Catherine Asaro and A. Dalgarno, Chem. Phys. Let. 118 64 (1985)

- "Stieltjes-Imaging Calculations of Photodissociation"; C. Asaro and A. Dalgarno, J. Chem. Phys. 78 200 (1983)

- "Photoexcitation and Ionization in Molecular Oxygen: Theoretical Studies of Electronic Transitions in the Discrete and Continuous Spectral Intervals"; A. Gerwer, C. Asaro, B.V. McKoy, and P.W. Langhoff, J. Chem. Phys. 72 713 (1980) This work also appeared in the conference proceedings "Photoionization of Molecular Oxygen," P.W. Langoff, A. Gerwer, C. Asaro, and B.V. McKoy, Intl. J. Quant. Chem.: Quant. Chem. Symp. 13, 645 (1979).