Catherine Asaro
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Scientific Papers: Presented

- "Complex Speeds and Relativity," Catherine Asaro, Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop, NASA Lewis Research Center, August 12-14, paper presented.

- Predissociation in Ionic Molecules: Semiclassical Wavepacket Techniques; Catherine Asaro, Jennifer Walker Siders, and A. Dalgarno, Molecular Physics Meeting, Max Planck Institut fýr Astrophysik, 1992

- Polarization Control of Yields in Photodissociation Reactions; C. Asaro, P. Brumer, and M. Shapiro, Annual Meeting of the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Division of the American Physical Society, 1987

- Control of Product Yields for Atoms and Ions in the Photodissociation of Lithium Fluoride; Catherine Asaro, Paul Brumer and Moshe Shapiro, Canadian Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry, 1986

- C. Asaro and A. Dalgarno, Conference on the Dynamics of Molecular Collisions 1985. Final results for LiF photodissociation using a full coupled channel calculation on the two lowest Sigma states. Preliminary results for angular distributions.

- Catherine Asaro and A. Dalgarno, Gordon Research Conference on Atomic and Molecular Interactions, 1984. Preliminary results for LiF multichannel photodissociation.

- Catherine Asaro and A. Dalgarno, 187th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, 1984. Results for vibrational structure of singlet Sigma states in alkali-halide molecules. Discussion of possible resonance structure.

- Results for Stieltjes-imaging calculations of polyatomic photodissociation with application to triatomic hydrogen; Catherine Asaro and A. Dalgarno, 34th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, 1981.