Catherine Asaro
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The Radiant Seas

The Radiant Seas continues the story of Soz and Jaibriol, each the heir to an interstellar empire, as their lives become entangled again in the machinations of the Skolian Imperialate. They are beginning to pick up what’s left of their lives, in exile on a deserted planet with their children, when the fate of much of the known universe comes to rest on the shoulders of their fragile young family. Interstellar war erupts, and Jaibriol is snatched away to be the unwilling ruler of the Highton Aristos. Soz must fight her way at the head of an invading space fleet to rescue him from his own empire—without revealing that they are married. And with much of interstellar civilization poised on the brink of destruction, it is the devotion of these two lovers, their sacrifices and their heroism, that might just found a new order.
"More notably for SF readers, the science and technology, for all its extravagance, is grounded in either real physics, or at least plausible, if extremely speculative physics... a first-rate rip-roaring adventure story"
--Rich Horton, the
"This action-packed novel is chock full of love, valor, and sacrifice in the face of a ruthless enemy. If you're in the mood for rousing adventure, glittering (sometimes literally!) larger than life characters, gripping human drama, and a plot that holds surprises right up to the end, The Radiant Seas is for you."
--The Romance Reader Reviews